This will be my nth attempt in having a blog, having previously made a Posterous page for my Project3.1 project (which I moved in my other WordPress page: link here) and a Tumblr for personal and other content (not just photography or design related).

My main use for this space will be for presenting my photographs in a more diaristic way than just simply uploading them to a photo-sharing service or worse to my personal social media account (not that Facebook has already a quite a ubiquitous notoriety in it, plus it’s currently annoyingly stressful to use one nowadays especially if you’re a Filipino). As such from now on I will be uploading my photo stories here and never in my social media accounts anymore, except for my Instagram where I share my one-day photographs, typically those that I like personally.

Furthermore, I sympathize with Ming and Eric on their thoughts of having your work posted on social media – more (content) is simply less (meaningful) nowadays. Well, I had my master thesis to explain on photography and its purpose as language further, but the most that I can show public (yet) is this page; this is due to personal and my university’s publishing rules on academic work.

Anyway without further ado… ohhai and welcome once more to my photo journal!

I will definitely be going for the “less posts more photos” this time. Basically, I have been doing this in my Tumblr with my “Monatsschau” series, which as it says in German, is one long post of photographs I made throughout one month. This will be my main blog tag, alongside smaller-sized posts of my travels and participated events.

All of these will be shot in film, obviously. Which is a good thing indeed…

So once more, ohhai and welcome!


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